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Voice over IP under threat

There has recently been considerable alarm about the possibility of a malicious code spreading via Skype. Skype is a system that allows voice communication over established Internet connections, in an environment very similar to that of telephone calls. It even allows calls to be made to telephones from a computer, with lower tariffs than that… Read More »

Silver Bullet for Compliance

Once again it´s down to the IT manager to manage the policies and ensure that they are followed whilst not hampering the productivity of users. Thankfully automated tools can now help in this task and can restrict the use of specific applications or services and track application usage on a by-PC basis.

Silver Bullet for Compliance

No-one in business today can be unaware of the compliance challenges facing the IT team in protecting company assets and processes. The statistics are clear, abundant and all around us, leaping from headlines on a daily basis; massive financial losses associated with security non-compliance are commonplace, as are high-profile court cases about staff misuse of… Read More »

Silver Bullet for Compliance

The rise of life-style technologies, such as the ubiquitous iPod, has also given birth to a new type of security threat via the USB port. MP3 players are in reality portable memory devices, which are capable of downloading and storing vast amounts of data from a corporate network – as is every laptop.

Learning to Detect Phishing Emails

Phishers launched a record number of attacks in January 2006, as reported by the Anti-Phishing Working Group. These attacks often take the form of an email that purports to be from a trusted entity, such as eBay or PayPal. The email states that the user needs to provide information, such as credit card numbers, identity… Read More »

Bypassing Oracle dbms_assert

By using specially crafted parameters (in double quotes) it is possible to bypass the input validation of the package dbms_assert and inject SQL code. This makes dozens of already

Removable storage: the new breed

Today’s advancing broadband technology has allowed large amounts of data to be placed online very cheaply. However, the reliability of internet hosts and the possible difficulties with ensuring continual access means traditional backup technologies must not be ignored. As a result, the format war between disk and tape continues.

Encryption: An alien concept?

There’s a scene early on in the film E.T. that takes place in Elliot’s room as his mother is tidying it up. All the while, the rescued alien Elliot has christened E.T. remains hidden from view, stealthy observing her movements from just inside an oversized cupboard.

Quality Assurance and Web Application Security

Many companies are under the impression that testing for Web application security simply involves a cursory check for easy-to-guess usernames and passwords. Yet application security testing can and should involve more complex checks, such as testing for SQL injection and Cross-Site Scripting. Often this sort of review does not happen until the Web application is… Read More »

Storage Virtualisation – Not The Definitive Answer

Companies recognise the need for new storage initiatives, such as simplifying the infrastructure, improving resilience and managing information over its lifecycle. But in spite of all the industry hype, storage virtualisation is NOT the definitive answer to all of these data storage problems.