CAN-SPAM Useless

By | January 5, 2005

Email protection and security firm MX Logic announced today that the CAN-SPAM act enacted by US politicians has had little to no effect, as 97 percent of unsolicited email does not comply with the law.

Scott Chasin, chief technical officer at MX Logic, said that while he applauded the intent of the law, it had no impact on the “unrelenting flow of spam” that clogs the net and fills inboxes.

According to the firm´s figures, spam accounted for more than 70 percent of the email traffic in 2004.

That said, several major spam-related legal events happened in 2004. In March, four ISPs filed the first lawsuits, in April, Michigan issued arrest warrants for four people, in September, Nicholas Tombros was convicted under the act, and in November Jeremy Jaynes got nine years in jail under the state of Virginia´s antispam law.

According to MX Logic, 2005 isn´t shaping up to be much better. MX Logic said it expects an increase in the number and sophistication of phishing attacks, there will be new methods of email denial of service attacks, flooding SMTP email infrastructures. It also expects people to hire out so-called “zombie PCs” for commercial use, and an increase in political spam, which isn´t covered by CAN-SPAM.

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