‘Can Datacenters go Green?’ asks DatacenterDynamics, San Francisco

By | June 20, 2006

With concerns over pollution and the price of power dominating thinking in the Bay Area, many of Silicon Valley’s leading experts will gather to ‘think green’ as DatacenterDynamics, the largest global conference for people that design, build, manage and operate datacenters, returns to San Francisco on the 27th July at the Grand Hyatt.

The conference agenda is supported by US thought leaders from both Industry and Government: Andrew Fanara of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Energy Star Program and Dr. John Koomy, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) will be offering first glance at joint server energy efficiency research and measurement benchmarking metrics.

William J. Kosik and David Winn, EYP Mission Critical Facilities and will be showcasing one of the world’s first energy efficient ‘green’ datacenters – a LEED rated mission critical facility. The presentation will investigate the design, build and operation of the facility and ask the question ‘What design options exist to drive power efficiency and reduce transmission loss in the data center?’

Stephen Worn, conference chairman, DatacenterDynamics commented “The words ‘green’ and ‘datacenter’ do not usually go hand in hand. Datacenters are one of the biggest consumers of utility power and therefore add to the production of greenhouse emissions. Historically, the need for ultra-reliable continuous power in datacenter facilities has come with a high energy price tag – potentially consuming 10 times more energy than comparably sized commercial buildings. One way to increase energy efficiency would be to run power and cooling units as close as possible to their required capacity, increasing the operational efficiency. However many datacenters have been built for maximum projected capacity with redundant cooling and power configurations, resulting sometimes in low utilization and poor energy efficiency. This creates a dilemma for datacenter professionals, a negative impact on corporate profitability and a no-win situation for planet Earth.”

He continued “As Datacenter operators wrestle with crippling energy costs as well as increasing heat issues, they are looking to design for thermal management, cooling performance and energy transmission efficiency in order to achieve higher energy efficiency, improve system and infrastructure utilization and cut energy bills. There are, therefore, numerous and compelling business drivers for ‘green’ datacenters. DatacenterDynamics San Francisco will take a rigorous look at new architectures, designs, technologies and systems, asking the question ‘is the ‘green’ datacenter now a reality?’”

Silicon Valley big hitters also sharing the platform will include Doug Alger, Datacenter Manager and Infrastructure Architect, Cisco Systems who will give advice about remotely managing multi-country datacenter facilities. Michael Bartos, Facilities Engineer, National Military Command Center (Pentagon) – US Air Force who along with Robert Arno, Alion Science and Technology will also be giving a US government perspective on mission critical facility design and project management.

The day will conclude with an operators panel session from the highly respected Critical Facilities Roundtable. Industry experts including Bradley Ellison Bradley Ellison, Corporate Manager, Global Data Centers, Intel, Sam Gelpi, Corporate Manager, Design and Construction, Hewlett Packard and Andy Broer, Corporate Manager, Global Data Centers, Cisco Systems will join Bruce C. Myatt, PE and CFRT Founder, EYP MCF Principal to debate the key issues from the conference. The session will provide an end-user perspective for issues such as management systems, fiber infrastructure, power and thermal management solutions.

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