Calculate Security and Compliance Cost, Benefits

By | December 19, 2005

New tool assists IT organizations in establishing financial benchmarks that quantifies the cost of security breaches. According to Apani Networks, the goal of the Compliance IT Security Cost/Benefit Calculator is to help organizations develop a view of the financial benefits of the required improvements to network security demanded by the regulatory environment.

Initially, an organization can use the default values within the calculator to establish their current IT cost structure for security. As they review their process, further refinements with more specific company data will enable a clear view of the costs to the IT organization.

As they create IT security compliance strategies and identify their potential impact to productivity and tangible costs, new data can be used to provide a calculation of the financial benefits of implementing security that closely reflects actual financial impact. This enables organizations to create “what if” scenarios and to validate potential compliance strategies by creating a snapshot of the potential benefits associated with each one.

The Compliance IT Security Cost/Benefit Calculator shows the cost savings associated with productivity gains in security management, compliance management, and mitigating security risks with a long term view. It is customizable by industry, country, local costs, and currency and no user data is stored by Apani in any form. Default values are regularly updated and taken from IDC and Alinean research.

“It seems like everyone is talking about how to add and use security technology for compliance without any real clear understanding of the financial impact associated with it,” said David M. Lynch, vice president of marketing, Apani Networks.

“This Compliance IT Security Cost/Benefit Calculator contains tangible and intangible benefits to provide an assessment of the potential return on IT security compliance spending. The results are completely private and organizations can come back to the calculator as often as needed to update and fine-tune their requirements and planning.”

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