Cable & Wireless Rolls Out Enhanced Roaming Services Powered By Roamware Across The Caribbean Region

By | February 23, 2006

Global roaming solutions leader Roamware today announced the commercial launch of its advanced roaming services across 12 mobile network properties of Cable & Wireless International Communications Company in the Caribbean region.

Cable & Wireless networks are spread across popular tourist locations in the Caribbean and Roamware’s solutions will open up significant new revenue streams, in addition to providing a customer friendly virtual home environment for visiting roaming customers.

The strategic solution for network operators, Roamware’s Service Delivery System platform has enabled Cable & Wireless to roll out additional services with minimal incremental investment. The services launched include virtual home network enabling services such as short code support, smart call assistant, voicemail call completion and CLI guarantee. In addition Roamware’s overlay traffic steering application, Traffic Redirection enables an overall increase in the Cable & Wireless gross roaming revenue margins.

The virtual home applications provide a home like environment for customers roaming on the C&W networks by allowing them to dial their home short codes to retrieve the voice messages and make calls to the home country without having to understand the dialling patterns in the visited country. Roamware’s voicemail call completion solution enables C&W to eliminate the dual legs of calls for a voicemail deposit in the roaming environment enabling seamless voicemail deposits and reducing the cost for the customer

Obaid ur Rahman, Global Head of Roaming Business for Cable & Wireless International, said: “Given our network footprint in tourist centric markets and the fact that roaming is one of our significant revenue contributors, it’s critical for us to offer services that create a home like environment for visiting inbound roamers. Roamware’s platform gives us the flexibility to offer a seamless experience for both inbound and outbound roamers consequently enhancing our roaming revenue per visitor significantly by enabling ‘network stickiness’”.

Roamware CEO Bobby Srinivasan said: “Cable & Wireless is leading the way forward for the Caribbean region’s mobile networks by enhancing the customer experience through the latest roaming technologies. We are delighted to be working with Cable & Wireless and enabling them to implement sophisticated roaming services on such a large scale across their properties worldwide.”

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