CA Personal Firewall 2007

By | September 29, 2006

CA Personal Firewall 2007 is a Windows firewall package for home and small office users, providing complete hackers and privacy protection. It stops hackers, automatically delivers advice about which programs are safe and which are dangerous and controls your privacy while being online.

CA Personal Firewall 2007Installation is straightforward and requires booting your system. During the setup procedure, CA Personal Firewall seeks our any network to which your computer is connected, including both local intranets and the Internet. It asks which of these networks you want to allow access and at what level of security.

There are three different security levels within the program. These zones are used to group applications, protocols, and ports. They also determine the local network and Internet access that these grouped items have. The high security level puts your computer into stealth mode and makes it safe from hackers.

CA Personal Firewall lets you monitor and control the local network and Internet access of the applications that are installed on your computer. For each installed application, you can control the access it has to the local network or Internet; control applications that attempts to act as a server (for example, Trojan horses) and block applications from sending mail (protection from worms and identity theft).

For advanced users, CA Personal Firewall lets you have greater control over access to applications, local networks and Internet resources. Rules can be established to allow, block or ask for access for specific network protocols, ports and IP addresses. You can configure rules to run continually or at specific times and enable auditing to provide you with an alert or log of access attempts.

As well as its core function as firewall, CA Personal Firewall includes useful additions, such as Internet browser privacy protection and email protection.

The Internet Browser Protection controls your privacy while using the Internet. It blocks third-party cookies, mobile code – scripts and applets that are stored remotely and accessed over a network, then executed on your computer – and prevents personal information theft by storing it safely and using a password to protect it.

Email Protection lets you quarantine potentially malicious email attachments, prevent mass-mailing email worms, and safeguard your email. Inbound protection monitors email attachments to prevent malicious programs such as spyware or viruses from accessing your computer. Outbound protection monitors your email account from being used by certain security threats to spread viruses and other malicious programs.

The final component of CA Personal Firewall is the Secure Now feature. This feature ensures that the right level of firewall security is enabled. The Secure Now feature only becomes active when it is determined that the software is running outside the minimum recommended security settings. This feature guarantees that non-technical home users will at least have the minimum level of protection required.

CA Personal Firewall 2007 provides a well featured firewall package for home and small office users. The extra features included in the package, make CA Personal Firewall 2007 good value for money even at the price point. Price starts at Ј29.99.

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