CA Anti-Spam 2007

By | October 2, 2006

CA Anti-Spam 2007 is an easy-to-use, seamlessly integrated spam filter for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express that makes sure you get messages from contacts you know, while quarantining other messages for later review.

CA Anti-Spam 2007Installation is straightforward and requires restarting your email client. To help you get started, when you start Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express for the first time after installation, the setup wizard initiates a scan to populate a list of your contacts. Then CA Anti-Spam scans for and creates a list of approved contacts.

In addition, the setup wizard will ask you which features do you want to enable: CA Anti-Spam and Anti-Fraud and CA Anti-Spam Email Search. CA Anti-Spam and Anti-Fraud: this feature protects your computer against spam, phishing scams, and fraud. CA Anti-Spam Email Search: this feature enables indexing of your saved mail, contacts, appointments, tasks, and notes for search purposes.

The CA Anti-Spam toolbar is installed in Microsoft email clients directly under the standard menu toolbar. The toolbar has several options for managing CA Anti-Spam: it allows you to identify open messages as spam and add the sender to your blocked list; you can approve emails as you review them, and add the sender, and all other recipients of the message, to the list of approved senders; set an extra layer of security for your emails by specifying trusted domain names or digital signed emails.

CA Anti-Spam has a spam scoring system which lets you manage message based on the likelihood that they are spam. This feature helps CA Anti-Spam to identify good messages or spam messages. The spam filter assigns the content of each quarantined message a score between 0 and 100, indicating the likelihood that the message is spam. The higher the spam score, the more likely the message is to be spam. A score of 100 indicates that CA Anti-Spam definitely identifies the message as spam.

As a bonus, CA Anti-Spam can index your e-mail for fast searching. You can launch a quick search from the toolbar, and then jump into an advanced search on specific data fields.

How effective is CA Anti-Spam? We have tested it on Windows XP with Microsoft Outlook and got quite impressive results – 100% of junk email blocked. The reason for that is that CA Anti-Spam has one simple rule – only contacts in your trusted list can send email directly to your inbox. This rule guarantees that you should never get spam to your inbox.


CA Anti-Spam is a small and impressive anti-spam solution for small-medium businesses. It is a whitelist-based anti-spam enhanced with spam scoring system to ensure extra protection. Price starts at Ј29.99.

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