Businesses keep ignoring mobile seucrity

By | September 26, 2005

A survey among CTIA Wireless IT conference attendees reveals that despite significant concerns about the security of their mobile devices, a majority have not taken measures to protect themselves.

The survey, conducted by Bluefire Security, confirm that users rely on applications offered and supported by their mobile devices for corporate tasks such as voice communication, text messaging and corporate email access – all tasks that put corporate data at higher risk for breaches including intrusion, viruses and data theft.

While security remains user’s top concern, less than half are utilizing security solutions on their mobile devices. Further more, more than half of businesses would likely to deploy more mobile services if security risks were addressed.

“Enterprises and individuals are relying on their devices for ever more sophisticated tasks, are signaling they want to buy more devices, and understand the security risks. But many are not taking concrete action to address those concerns and appear to be avoiding purchases as a result,” said Bluefire Security Technologies COO Scott Schelle.

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