Businesses avoid XP SP2

By | April 4, 2005

A study released by AssetMetrix, a leading provider of on-demand decision support for IT management, indicates that even though April 12 is quickly approaching, the day when Automatic Update will attempt to force Windows XP users to install Service Pack 2, less than a quarter of businesses have made the upgrade.

Microsoft said the SP2 penetration rate in North America is in line with its own estimates, as many large companies said they would delay the download until they had completed their own testing.

“To date, we have observed that 40% of companies using Windows XP have actively avoided upgrading to SP2, and only 7% have actively accepted it,” says managing director Steve O’Halloran.

While the upgrade is not going to be mandatory for customers, new products, including Internet Explorer 7, will require that SP2 be installed.

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