BT Demonstrates Innovative Police Data Mobility Solution At ACPO-APA Exhibition

By | May 24, 2006

The BT Police Data Mobility Solution* is set to empower police officers throughout the UK by increasing the numbers of officers on the streets, allowing them to achieve more, and ensuring that police cars are dispatched efficiently to incidents.

Officers in vehicles or on foot patrol can use it to save time, reduce the burden on support colleagues back at base and avoid the possibility of human error. They can do so by making their own checks on the Police National Computer, the Electoral Roll, their own criminal databases and any other national and local information resources available to them.

They can also transmit reports to their police service systems, using forms stored within mobile data terminals in vehicles or hand-held devices. This should increase police visibility, as officers will no longer need to return to their stations to enter this information in person.

Chet Patel, chief executive of the BT redcare Group, states: “Police services have complete flexibility with this solution. We can recommend a mobile data terminal supplier and install the equipment ourselves, or we can work with suppliers preferred by police services.

“We are confident that our solution has the potential to enhance the performance of police services around the country. From the outset, we designed it to be technologically agnostic. It´s also a proven, low risk, scaleable system. And we stand ready to implement it rapidly.”

Last year alone, Metropolitan Police officers used the BT Police Data Mobility Solution to make nearly 4 million checks on the Police National Computer – up a third on the previous year´s total.

The Metropolitan Police dispatch team also use the solution, to track over 1500 vehicles and pinpoint their exact location at any moment in time. This enables them to ensure that the right resources are sent to incidents within the shortest possible timescales, while avoiding unnecessary duplication and the need to make so many voice calls.

Sussex Police and Merseyside Police are using the solution in similar ways and report similar benefits.

The same flexible approach extends to PDAs, mobile applications, professional services and bearer networks. Even though BT owns and operates one of the country´s most reliable mobile data networks, the Mobitex network, BT can just as easily provide this solution over GPRS.

Police services also get a single contract with BT, thereby minimising the hassle associated with maintaining equipment and dealing with several third parties. Moreover, they can save time and money on the procurement front by utilising recognised channels, such as GCAT, which removes the need to go into a lengthy tender process.

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