Browsers, phishing, and user interface design

By | June 6, 2006

Phishing works for so many reasons, we need to rethink browser and user interface design to provide some real-life security to the average user who doesn´t see or understand the security cues. Occasionally a criminal is so, well, clever that you have to admire him even as you wish that he spends the rest of his life in jail. Take Arnold Rothstein, for instance.

One of the kingpins of organized crime in New York City during Prohibition and before, the “Great Brain,” as he was termed, was more than likely behind the infamous Black Sox scandal, in which the 1919 World Series was fixed in favor of the Cincinnati Reds.

He is also widely credited with inventing the floating crap game immortalized in Guys and Dolls. Like some character out of a Damon Runyon story, Rothstein´s “office” was outside of Lindy´s Restaurant, at Broadway and 49th Street, and he associated with gangsters whose names still trip off the tongue three-quarters of a century later: Meyer Lansky, Legs Diamond, Lucky Luciano, Dutch Schultz. When it comes to colorful, clever criminals, Rothstein is at the top of the heap.Read Full Story

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