Browser security holes surging in 2006

By | September 25, 2006

The number of security holes in Web browser has jumped this year, according to Symantec. The security company´s twice-yearly Internet Security Threat Report, found that 47 bugs in Firefox and 38 bugs in Internet Explorer had been discovered in the first six months of this year – up significantly from the 17 and 25 bugs found respectively in the previous six months.

Even Apple´s Safari browser saw its bugs double, from six in the last half of 2005 to 12 in the first half of 2006. Opera was the only browser tracked by Symantec that saw the number of vulnerabilities decline, but not by much. Its bugs dropped from nine to seven during the period.

And while Internet Explorer remained the most popular choice of attackers, no one is invulnerable. According to the report, 31 percent of attacks during the period targeted more than one browser, and 20 percent took aim at Mozilla´s Firefox.Read Full Story

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