Broadwing Communications Strengthens Network Security with DDoS Offering

By | April 3, 2006

Broadwing Communications, LLC, a consolidated subsidiary of Broadwing Corporation (NASDAQ: BWNG), today announced that it is enhancing its network security offerings with the introduction of a dynamic solution that will detect and isolate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Using a unique combination of commercial and proprietary hardware, software and managed solutions, Broadwing will be able to respond in real time to DDoS attacks, mitigating attacks at multiple layers and enabling legitimate traffic to continue to reach its destination. The service is expected to be commercially available in the summer of 2006, with custom DDoS solutions offered in the interim.

“DDoS attacks can be debilitating for businesses,” said Donovan Dillon, VP of Marketing at Broadwing. “With this latest addition to our network security suite, Broadwing is delivering to its customers a service that is much more flexible than the typical commercial off-the-shelf mitigation hardware solutions. Unlike these static solutions, our service combines both commercial and proprietary technology with unique DDoS expertise, enabling our service to evolve with changes in attacker tactics.”

Broadwing´s DDoS protection service is provided through an alliance with Prolexic Technologies Inc., which has extensive experience in identifying, tracking, and mitigating DDoS attacks. Broadwing will interconnect its IP network with Prolexic data centers across the United States, which will effectively integrate Prolexic DDoS mitigation capabilities into the Broadwing network.

“Over the past year, we´ve seen DDoS attacks increase in size by an order of magnitude,” said Keith Laslop, VP Business Development at Prolexic. “This escalation of attack strength shows no signs of abating, which makes it crucially important for a DDoS mitigation service to be able to handle any size or type of attack. Combining Prolexic´s DDoS mitigation infrastructure with Broadwing´s IP network provides the scale that enterprises can rely on to defend their Internet presence.”

The SANS Institute, a leading information technology training and research organization, predicts that the magnitude and frequency of DDoS attacks will continue to grow with advancements in peer-to-peer networking, increased availability of bandwidth and the convergence of wireless and Internet technologies. Additionally, according to a 2004 CSI/FBI report, DDoS attacks are proving to be the most expensive type of cybercrime, costing U.S. businesses and the government millions of dollars per year.

“As the frequency, sophistication and size of DDoS attacks increase, more of these attacks will be filtered in the service provider backbone,” said Loren Rudd, Research Analyst II at Frost & Sullivan. “With its integration of Prolexic, Broadwing is positioned to meet this growing demand.”

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