BridgeHead Software Integrates HT ISM Storage Management Platform with EMC Centera Content-Addressed Storage

By | October 18, 2006

BridgeHead Software today announced it has completed integration between its HT Integrated Storage Management software platform (HT ISM) and EMC Centera CAS. The content-based storage industry leader, EMC Centera is the world´s most simple, affordable and secure repository for information archiving.

It is a purpose-built, software-driven storage platform that provides a myriad of new capabilities for unlocking the business value from a wide range of unchanging or infrequently changing digital assets such as medical images, GIS data, scanned documents, historical data, research results, personnel files, email information, etc.

HT ISM is a storage management platform that allows enterprise IT organisations to integrate all key storage management functions, such as archive, backup, and replication into a single administrative process built on a unified multi-media storage infrastructure. The combined features of HT ISM with EMC Centera will provide customers with a powerful solution for identifying data to be stored and automatically transferring it there as part of a multi-copy, multi-site disaster recovery archiving strategy.

Using the HT FileStore component of HT ISM with EMC Centera automates the controlled movement of data in and out of the EMC Centera system. HT FileStore lets customers perform continuous analysis and data classification across the networked environment automatically copying data to the EMC Centera according to policies. Once copied into an EMC Centera-based archive, HT FileStore lets users view, search and access archived data, either transparently through Windows or through its browser-based interface. In the event of needing access again, data may be easily, quickly and securely retrieved from the data repository, with all its user privileges intact. This capability is critical for maintaining an audit trail and meeting regulatory compliance goals.

“EMC Centera CAS provides the right mix of data integrity and availability for storing fixed content,” said Tony Cotterill, Managing Director of BridgeHead Software. “When combined with BridgeHead´s Integrated Storage Management products, our mutual customers are better able to manage their data safely and securely for compliance purposes while at the same time improve management and effective use of their storage resources.”

Mark Avery, EMC Senior Director, Centera Markets and Alliances, said, “The integration between EMC Centera and BridgeHead´s HT Integrated Storage Management Platform benefits joint customers who are deploying long term, archiving for compliance and disaster recovery, by unlocking the value in digital content, while lowering costs and making it easier to integrate into a multi-media, multi-copy repository system.”

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