Botnets and VMware

By | December 17, 2006

As stated above, botnets are a group of rooted boxes running a trojan (backdoor) which all report to a central place (usually somewhere on IRC) where the 12 year old kid issues commands from. I say ´12 year old kid´ because these are usually the owners of botnets – usually IRC kiddies who want to flood channels, etc. These kiddies use them preliminary for this purpose – IRC mayhem.

Another group of owners is the little more experienced kiddie. This kiddie will be using them for DDoS attacks. Finally, you then have the owners that are the lowest of the low, the spammers. The owners of these botnets will use them mainly for setting up hidden mail servers that act as open relays allowing them to send viagra pill e-mails and the like to your inbox. The spammers usually buy their botnets from these kiddies via paypal, etc… but enough of that for now.

Now, with all these different ´types´ of owners operating botnets, this is where it gets interesting. Often these different types of people are sharing the same botnets and don´t even realise it. However, some people do realise this. This is where the mayhem starts and turf wars begin. Imagine a drug dealer dealing crack on another drug dealer´s turf. He isn´t going to be a very happy bunny that the new drug dealer is taking away his business. This is almost exactly the same with botnets. The spammers wants to spam, he doesn´t want to DDoS and isn´t concerned with flooding IRC channels.Read Full Story

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