Botnet Disinfection Software for ISPs

By | June 19, 2006

Simplicita has announced a strategic alliance with channel consulting firm Windspeed Services to establish a network of reseller partners in Europe for ZBX, Simplicita´s carrier network security software. This partnership enables cable and Telco Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, Germany, France, Lithuania and Turkey to purchase ZBX from a trusted in-country services firm.

ZBX is a network-based solution which enables broadband ISPs to automate zombie discovery and cleanup, and disable botnets. Unlike conventional solutions that simply block Zombie traffic, ZBX uproots bot-controlled machines that violate ISP acceptable use policies (AUP) and protects end users by detecting malware that is hiding on their PCs. ZBX dynamically identifies hijacked PCs, switches them off the network, and provides subscribers with disinfection tools without installing any software on their personal computers.

“We are pleased to be working with Windspeed Services, one of the most respected channel consulting firms in the industry,” said Frank Bergen, president and CEO of Simplicita. “Windspeed will enable Simplicita to provide ISPs with access to local resources and expertise, and help us quickly build market share in our key European markets.”

“Simplicita has developed the first automated, network-based system that allows ISPs to isolate and fix malware-controlled computers hiding on their networks,” said Art Garafalo, Senior Partner, Windspeed Services. “Simplicita has a significant and untapped market opportunity, and we will provide the resources on the ground in Europe to rapidly establish a beachhead for ZBX among cable and Telco ISPs.”

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