Bluetooth users put businesses at risk of data theft

By | September 26, 2005

Businesses are at risk of corporate data theft as employees leave their Bluetooth devices opened and unsecured, according to a survey examined Bluetooth-enabled devices in London. The survey reveals that one in ten devices is opened to eavesdropping by hackers.

The survey, conducted by engineers from Orthus, reveals that hundreds of mobile devices are unsecured, vulnerable to hacking attacks and over third of users left on their default security settings.

The results of the survey were surprising considering the amount of media attention recently given to the issue of mobile security and indicate that users continue to neglect the security issues associated with their mobile telephones and PDAs.

“Corporations need to consider adding PDA and mobile phone policies to their corporate security policies and making sure their staff has been educated,” said Orthus managing director Richard Hollis. “There should be a written policy.”

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