Bluetooth Security and War-nibbling

By | March 6, 2006

New technologies are swiftly becoming part of every aspect of human life. It´s now impossible to imagine life without devices which a few years ago were only to be seen in sci-fi films. Bluetooth technology first started being developed by Ericsson in 1994. In 1998 Ericsson, IBM, Nokia, Intel and Toshiba formed the SIG consortium, which developed the Bluetooth standard.

Many mobile phones and computer peripherals are now equipped with Bluetooth, and some household appliance manufacturers have also adopted this technology as well.

Transceivers which make it possible to use Bluetooth with devices that were designed without Bluetooth capability are now available. They make it possible to connect a telephone to a stereo system in order to download MP3 files to the handset or to listen to MP3 files in the phone´s memory. Bluetooth earphones, handsfree devices and car kits are just a few examples of the ways in which Bluetooth can be used.

Bluetooth is now widely implemented; this, combined with the novelty of the technology meant that hackers started to target Bluetooth and its potential vulnerabilities at the beginning of the new millennium. After all, hackers are always attracted to new, unresearched technologies. Groups such as @stack and shmoo were involved in Bluetooth research.Read Full Story

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