Bluesocket provides technology to power and manage wireless networks across multiple convention centres

By | August 30, 2006

Bluesocket, ( the leader in open wireless network, security and management solutions, has announced that Smart City, the largest provider of event technology in the US convention industry, has selected Bluesocket´s BlueSecure wireless products for its 13 major convention centres across the country.

Smart City has already seen the benefits of Bluesocket´s wireless controllers in some of its largest convention centres including the Las Vegas Convention Center and the San Diego Convention Center. The controllers provide user authentication, Internet bandwidth control and usage management for event attendees.

Paramount in Smart City´s decision was finding a wireless controller that could scale to handle the high usage demands of thousands of event attendees and would also be flexible enough to adapt and change quickly based on user need. Bluesocket was selected based on its ability to scale effortlessly and its flexibility right out-of-the box to interoperate with other vendors´ solutions. In addition, Bluesocket´s bandwidth management capabilities and integrated credit card billing were critical features to ensure public access users can connect to the wireless network at any time.

“Providing event technology presents unique challenges when it comes to wireless access and usage given the number of concurrent sessions that are in play and the prevalence of bandwidth intensive applications and services,” said Ron Shaul, Director of Technology Development at Smart City. “Bluesocket provides the type of performance and flexibility that is necessary for us to be able to offer our full suite of wireless services simultaneously at all of our event sites. Bluesocket has made us even more efficient than before.”

“Today, event attendees expect a high level of wireless and bandwidth capabilities when they´re at a conference” said Mads Lillelund, CEO at Bluesocket. “Bluesocket acutely understands that the convention industry demands wireless technology vendors that are able to think fast and move fast. We are excited that Bluesocket will be utilised at the major conference centres across the country to help attendees gain quick and secure wireless access to the information they need.”

Smart City has implemented 14 BlueSecure Controllers since February, which manage thousands of Access Points, and it will deploy an additional 16 controllers by early 2007. The controllers authenticate users, which can range from a few hundred to several thousand depending on the size and scope of the event. Bluesocket also provides bandwidth management to ensure the network is running at its optimal level, monitors network usage in order to protect the network from attacks, and also notifies event administrators immediately of a network failure so it can be addressed and fixed in a timely fashion.

Currently, Smart City supports wireless standards 802.11 a, b and g. However, it plans to add new wireless technologies such as MIMO, which Bluesocket was the first vendor to introduce, and evaluate future wireless standards such as 802.11n. Bluesocket will help Smart City to continue to scale and remain nimble as attendee demand for wireless services increases at conventions.

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