BlueCat Adonis Appliance

By | February 15, 2006

BlueCat Networks has announced the availability of version 4.0 of its Adonis DNS/DHCP Appliance. Among the new features included in this new release are Pre-Admission Network Access Control (NAC) for DHCP, and the ability to use DHCP Media Access Control (MAC) Authentication through a secured built-in web portal.

The Adonis 1000 DNS/DHCP and Adonis 500 DHCP appliances now include Pre-Admission Network Access Controls, providing a secure and optimized Web portal that enables organizations to track and meter network access for guests and mobile business users. In addition, an advanced authentication and policy interface enables organizations to manage network access using a full range of authentication protocols, including RADIUS/LDAP/AD/KERBEROS and RSA SecureID. In addition, firewall-grade security provides advanced network protection against Zero-Day exploits.

Adonis v4.0 now also enables unified management of all Adonis appliances on an enterprise network through a combination of sophisticated software tools and wizards, as well as other powerful timesaving features. Based on cross-platform Java technology, Adonis v4.0 includes the latest refinements that enable even novice administrators to quickly integrate complementary DNS and DHCP services into almost any network infrastructure.

Among the new usability and interface enhancements are a variety of new features and refinements, such as RSA Token Authentication, DHCP/MAC Authentication, AD/Kerberos Authentication, Group Policy Management and more.

“Adonis v4.0 is the first appliance of its kind to enable administrators of large enterprise networks to dynamically assign leased IP addresses to users across the network,” said David Berg, Director of Product Management at BlueCat Networks. “Administrators can now perpetually scrutinize their network resource allocations with confidence, without having to contend with known vulnerabilities and scalability limits inherent to other similar systems.”

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