BigFix customers identify Dell laptops with faulty batteries faster

By | August 29, 2006

Centralised discovery enabled through BigFix Enterprise Suite software reduces time and effort required to isolate and remedy issue enterprise wide.

What: BigFix, a leader in security and configuration management, is available to brief editors and analysts about how its BigFix Enterprise Suite has allowed its global customers to quickly and effortlessly identify and replace Dell laptops with faulty batteries.

“Dell is recalling approximately 4.1million laptop batteries worldwide, whilst Apple anticipates 1.8million of its laptops have been compromised. The combined figure represents a significantly expensive needles-in-haystacks search exercise in terms of the man hours it will take to tackle the issue using manual discovery methods,” says Colin Gray, vice president and managing director of BigFix EMEA.

“The BigFix solution allows its enterprise customers to identify the laptops with faulty batteries in a matter or minutes, allowing them to resolve the problem with minimum negative impact to the organisation.

Furthermore, depending on how the BigFix solution is configured, it can locate defective batteries on mobile computers not directly connected to their home enterprise networks, such as those in remote locations or connected only to the Internet.”

“We recommend organisations with Dell and Apple laptops identify the faulty batteries using a real-time security configuration management solution such as the BigFix Enterprise Suite.”

When: Friday 25th August through Wednesday 30th August.

Why: The briefing with BigFix will explain how its customers have been able to identify the issue and the benefits its customers have reported as a consequence.

Who: Colin Gray, vice president and managing director, BigFix EMEA and a respected authority in enterprise security solutions

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