Beware the silent exploit

By | April 25, 2006

An interesting stat in the ninth and latest version of Symantec’s bi-annual Internet Security Threat Report, which covers the second half of 2005, highlighted the rise in exploits that are modular in nature.

Modular malicious codes, as Symantec calls them, are exploits that initially possess limited functionality but over time are capable of updating themselves into sophisticated malware. As Symantec’s report showed, modular is now the mantra for hackers: Malicious modular code accounts for nearly 88 percent of the top 50 malicious code samples between June to December 2005, up from 77 percent in the previous six-month period.

The obvious inference from the stat is that more hackers now think stealth and non-destructiveness when they launch attacks. Modular exploits, being tiny in footprint and light on resource requirement, lets hackers go under the radar while they steal data and slave machines.Read Full Story

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