Beijing: Number One Hot Spot For Malware Attacks

By | August 31, 2006

Beijing took over from Kuala Lumpur as the major source of malware during August, according to managed security company Network Box. The company’s security responses blocked more than a million viruses, worms and Trojans daily, the majority of which originated in Eastern Asian countries, with China, Hong Kong and Malaysia heading the list.

Beijing in China accounted for 6.75 per cent of viruses released for August, with Kowloon City (Hong Kong) second with 6.37 per cent and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) third with 5.66 per cent.

The main source of spam however was not in the Far East, with Minot (USA) claiming 26.31 per cent of the spam released. Quarry Bay (Hong Kong) was second with 15.01 per cent and Beijing (China) was third with 6.16 per cent.

The Zafi.b, NetSky.q and Bagle.mail worms were the dominant malware for August, representing nearly 60 per cent of worms blocked by Network Box globally. The Bagle.mail worm was only released in July and has been extremely virulent since.

The Small.coc Trojan, released in March, has again been extremely dominant, accounting for 75.99 per cent of all Trojans detected by Network Box in August.

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