Behavioral-based Approach to Spyware Protection

By | September 19, 2005

Security vendor Sana Security announced on Monday it has released the world’s first spyware protection solution that implements malicious code behavior rather than signature or scanning technology. The breakthrough technology offers detection, classification and removal of malware, spyware and adware.

“By exploring different forms of malware, both independent and in relation to other programs, we´ve developed the first solution capable of protecting against threat behavior rather then relying on signatures or single-bit rules. This approach alleviates the need to have an army of coders update product signatures or rules after a new threat has been identified,” said Timothy Eades, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Sana Security.

The new approach is aimed to help IT professionals to deal with the ever-evolving threats; easily integrated with the complexities in IT environments and protect against new types of malware.

“The Internet is driving much of our daily business operations, making our success reliant on constant access and secured transactions. Security plays a fundamental role in our Internet-connected world and today´s technologies will help drive a more secure IT infrastructure for tomorrow,” said DEMO Executive Producer Chris Shipley.

“Sana´s behavior-based technology is a progressive approach that stays current with the constant changes in security threats, allowing organizations to worry less about security and more about customers´ service and profitability.”

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