Barracuda IM Firewall

By | March 3, 2006

Barracuda Networks has announced the launch of the Barracuda IM Firewall, the all-in-one instant messaging appliance. The Barracuda IM Firewall incorporates an IM server with native consumer IM traffic filtering, IM archiving and policy management technologies in one easy-to-use and affordable solution, creating a secure and seamless channel for rapid business communication.

Barracuda IM FirewallThe Barracuda IM Firewall provides the tools necessary for organizations to secure, monitor, and manage all IM communication. The Barracuda IM Firewall is capable of managing and archiving all public IM traffic as well as providing a secure instant messaging server for internal -and often confidential – corporate communications.

The Barracuda IM Firewall´s secure internal IM server, coupled with strong IM traffic identification and archiving functionality helps address the increasing concerns surrounding IM use and compliance with laws such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, as well as Basel II and other industry regulations. The Barracuda IM Firewall features automatic IM logging and complete archiving including date, time and full text of discussions between parties. The Barracuda IM Firewall captures and logs all IM traffic – from the internal IM server and public IM services and networks – and is equipped to archive all users´ IM sessions for five years.

In addition to IM traffic identification and archiving, the Barracuda IM firewall allows administrators to monitor and control the types of IM traffic on their network. With keyword identification, administrators can flag, filter or block message content that violates company policy.

“This is a truly priceless benefit for healthcare, financial, legal, educational, and government organisations in particular,” said Dean Drako, president and CEO of Barracuda Networks. “Using the Barracuda IM Firewall, businesses will no longer have to second guess whether IM is a fully compliant and completely secure means of communication.”

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