AXCESS International and Media Recovery Provide Hybrid RFID Solution to Secure Financial and Customer Data Security

By | May 12, 2006

AXCESS International Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: AXSI) , a leading provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), and Media Recovery, a leader in providing Datacenter products and services today announced they will provide an RFID solution that manages and secures banking records stored on magnetic computer tape/cartridges. The companies provide a full solution to the customer by utilizing AXCESS’ RFID hardware and software and Media Recovery’s datacenter services to apply the new technology to the storage media. This solution will enable financial institutions to protect customer privacy data on transportable media to help solve a potentially serious problem in financial center data protection.

Many U.S. companies, including Citigroup Inc., Wachovia Corp. and Washington Mutual Inc., have in recent months reported the theft or loss of customer data. While companies have implemented cyber solutions for encrypting data, they have not addressed the problem of monitoring and securing the media that stores the consumer data as it enters and exits data centers.

The solution from AXCESS utilizes a hybrid RFID approach to provide the best technology for the job to meet the needs of IT and data center managers. The combined solution brings together AXCESS’ battery-powered “active” RFID technology and passive (no battery) RFID systems to provide increased visibility and security from personnel custodians down to the individual data tapes. The solution is underway with one of the nation’s largest banks and is broadly applicable to virtually all bank and data management environments.

“The AXCESS and Media Recovery solution is designed to help the financial services industry address the need to protect valuable data,” said Gerard Smith, President and CEO of the Media Recovery. “Automated, physical accounting and protection of bank and customer data is necessary to help ensure against customer privacy information being lost. We are very pleased to be working with AXCESS to bring leading RFID solutions to our customers.”

“The market need for this combined solution is especially critical in the financial services sector,” said Allan Griebenow, president and CEO of AXCESS International. “We will deploy the right technology for the job to provide the greatest ROI and best solution. By combining lower cost passive RFID for small asset tracking and more functional active tags for monitoring personnel and cases we create the most comprehensive, secure, and low cost asset management solution.”

AXCESS’ patented ActiveTag(TM) RFID systems use small, low cost battery powered tags (generically called “active” or “semi-active” tags) that when activated, transmit a wireless message typically 30 to 100 feet to hidden palm size receivers. The receivers are simultaneously connected (via a standard network) to the enterprise system software, the existing security alarm equipment and standalone management software. AXCESS has successfully integrated custom designed EPC Gen 2 UHF inlays with the ISO standard and universally accepted cartridge label used by Media Recovery in labeling and initializing storage media for its customers. This solution provides four methods of unique identification: barcode, alphanumeric, RFID and human readable. The tags are activated by a reader at the exit location in the storage facility. The AXCESS software platform accepts the information from the active and passive RFID systems and provides a custodial relationship for linking the tagged cartridge to the personnel and transport case to provide accountability for the assets during transit. The system provides data real-time location displays, automatic inventory counts, custom reports and alerts based on programmable rules-based conditions including automatic e-mail alerting and paging for rapid response. Tag transmissions have the option to trigger security video recording and live remote video transmission of events. Additional information is available from the Company’s Web site at

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