Aventail Launches Market’s First Complete Mac and Linux SSL VPN Solution

By | February 13, 2006

Aventail today unveiled the market’s first complete SSL VPN solution for Mac and Linux platforms. Incorporating Aventail’s patent-pending Smart Tunneling architecture, Aventail Connect Tunnel for Mac and Linux provides a complete in-office experience for end users and centralized management for network administrators managing a mixed platform environment.

With this release, Aventail is the first VPN solution, IPSec or SSL, to guarantee secure communication to all resources, for both managed and unmanaged Mac and Linux devices, with the most comprehensive clientless and client-based access options. Aventail Connect Tunnel delivers the same experience on all devices and platforms including Mac, Linux, Windows, and Windows Mobile, making it easy for network administrators to manage users on different operating systems.

“Aventail’s technology provides the easiest end-user experience across all devices and platforms, with the highest level of security and control for network administrators,” said Sarah Daniels, vice president of marketing and product management, Aventail. “Users don’t have to think about how they access the corporate resources they need, because Aventail automatically determines and deploys the right access method.”

With Aventail’s release, Mac and Linux users have two secure, remote access options:

Connect Tunnel: A light-weight, persistent agent for complete network application access and unmatched ease of use for Mac and Linux users, providing a complete in-office experience.

WorkPlace Access: Clientless browser access for Web applications and file share access. Support for Mac and Linux browsers including Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Also includes dynamically deployed Java applet for access to client/server applications.

Connect Tunnel is built on the company’s Smart Tunneling architecture, a Layer 3 tunnel with the policy control of Layers 4 through 7. The technology provides a direct, secure communication link between the end point and the application. In contrast, IPSec VPN solutions use a Layer 3 tunnel without any application layer policy or bidirectional tunnel controls, which can result in potential security breaches and open access to the network.

A special preview release of Aventail Connect Tunnel for Mac and Linux will be available later this month. The full release will be generally available in the second quarter of 2006. These new access options are included in the base license price of the EX-2500 and EX-1500, Aventail’s enterprise-class appliances. For those purchasing the EX-750, Aventail’s SSL VPN appliance tailored to small to mid-sized enterprises, Connect Tunnel is an add-on feature priced starting at $995.00

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