Australian defence systems protected by Tier-3 product to be launched at Infosecurity

By | April 24, 2006

Australian company Tier-3 today announced that it has implemented its Huntsman technology a new threat management technology capable of managing both known and unknown threats for the Australian Defence Force (Defence) which encompasses the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Huntsman intelligently protects the enterprise by monitoring business applications, operating systems and the network in real-time and providing both automated intrusion detection and prevention capability which can be automatically or manually remediated in response to the level of threat. It is proven in high volume mission-critical installations in defence, government and corporate environments. Tier-3 will showcase its new innovative solutions and launch “Huntsman 4.5” at Infosecurity Europe 2006, the largest European security exhibition, which coincides with the commencement of the company´s activities in the United Kingdom and Europe.

“After extensive product evaluation from a large number of vendors, the Tier-3 Huntsman technology was the best solution to meet our requirements,” said Senator Robert Hill who selected Tier-3 when he was the Australian Minister for Defence. Senator Hill continued, “This sort of application is becoming recognised as the next generation in security technology and will meet Defence´s present and future needs. Huntsman technology is unique in that it detects both known and unknown threats, making real-time assessments and responses to events against a database. The new system will “map” activity from across the enterprise and then identify anomalies or any other suspicious activities. It will then alert and respond to those events enabling immediate investigation and remedial action by security analysts. Huntsman´s ability to detect and instantly investigate potential IT threats across Defence will enhance the ability of Defence to immediately respond and take action against identified IT risks.”

Huntsman is able to provide real-time threat management by automatically and intelligently determining the context and level of threat raised by each log file and responding immediately to unusual events. By detecting both known as well as previously unknown log files Huntsman recognises potential threats and instantly alerts for immediate remediation. Using its patent pending Behavioural Anomaly Detection technology Huntsman automatically establishes the normal activity and log files in the enterprise and immediately detects unusual events threatening networks, operating systems and applications.

“Our innovative system excels at monitoring and responding to the type of security threat that is no longer initiated merely by mischievous hackers. It protects against those with far more sinister intentions, such as attempting to seize control of infrastructure or misappropriating assets of the enterprise,” said Tier-3 CEO, Peter Woollacott. “Our clients know that HUNTSMAN principally addresses both the present and the future in terms of potential security threats.” Continued Woollacott, “We offer real-time anomaly detection, and the speed with which we do this means we can identify instantaneously that an event has occurred that is unusual and worthy of investigation without the danger of false positives. Ignoring this early warning may well end up crippling an organisation.”

Tier-3´s global expansion reflects the growing demand by clients internationally for the company´s widely acclaimed software, with its automated real-time solution to the increasingly pervasive threat of new and potentially crippling security attacks.

“Those who invest in HUNTSMAN know that the software has the capacity to respond intelligently to what might appear inconceivable today but, regrettably, is both probable and possible tomorrow.” Continued Woollacott, “Our customers laud HUNTSMAN´s speedy capacity to instantly contextualise events beyond the horizon, and define and alert to security breaches that manifest as irregular, unusual or attempted access. At the network, operating system or even the application layers, HUNTSMAN can detect these breaches, which may originate either internally or externally.”

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