AT&T Expands Wi-Fi Access And Footprint In Countries Throughout Europe

By | May 22, 2006

AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) today announced that it has expanded its global Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) access footprint in new regions throughout Europe. Working with WeRoam, a Swiss-based aggregator of mobility management and roaming-optimization solutions for the mobile and wireless telecommunications sector, AT&T now has more than 18,000 total hot spots in Europe, including locations in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Ireland, France and Israel. In addition, AT&T now has a strong Wi-Fi footprint through WeRoam in Brazil, Japan and Taiwan.

AT&T´s relationship with WeRoam allows AT&T to work with multiple wireless Internet service provider (WISP) networks to further expand and strengthen the company´s global Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet footprint. As a result of these multiple relationships, AT&T offers customers improved access capabilities. For example in France, AT&T now offers more than 7,000 locations via the WeRoam platform that most of its close competitors do not offer today.

These new Wi-Fi hot spots are the latest enhancements to AT&T´s Enterprise Mobility Portfolio, which is designed to provide today´s workforce with flexible and secure mobile access to their corporate virtual private networks (VPNs). Wi-Fi enables access from home, corporate locations, international airports, hotels and convention centers through remote connection to the network through the AT&T Global Network Client.

“The addition of these new Wi-Fi hot spots throughout Europe and Asia provides our customers with the ability to work anywhere, at anytime with full access to the Internet,” said Mark Keiffer, chief marketing officer-Business, AT&T. “AT&T´s enterprise mobility offerings provide global customers connectivity options to securely, effectively and seamlessly integrate and access their enterprise.”

“Working with AT&T, we are able to offer additional Wi-Fi capabilities that extend AT&T´s global footprint through our partner networks,” said Toni Stadelmann, CEO of WeRoam. “WeRoam brings a neutral roaming platform supporting open standards and its WLAN expertise to the service of AT&T.”

AT&T´s total Wi-Fi hot spot count available to AT&T Remote Access business customers now exceeds more than 33,000 locations worldwide and will continue to expand as part of AT&T´s previously announced $8 billion to $8.5 billion expected capital investment in 2006. As part of this, AT&T operates nearly 11,000 hot spot locations throughout the U.S., including airports, Barnes & Noble bookstores and select McDonald´s restaurants.

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