Astaro showcases beta version of Astaro Security Gateway V7

By | October 24, 2006

Astaro Corporation displayed a beta release of Astaro Security Gateway V7 at the Munich trade show Systems 2006. Transparent email encryption, a new graphical user interface, sophisticated bandwidth management, and automatically configurable high availability mechanisms are the main innovations of the latest release.

Astaro Security Gateway V7 offers e-mail encryption on the central gateway integrating strong encryption and digital signature mechanisms based on the S/MIME and OpenPGP industry standards. Activated on a central gateway for all clients, outgoing and incoming e-mail traffic is automatically encrypted and decrypted. Centralised security scans that eliminate virus, spam and phishing attacks enable a cost-effective and user-friendly company security policy.

The graphical user interface has also been redesigned and enhanced. The latest version of Astaro´s GUI features new technologies like AJAX allowing for dynamic re-loading of configuration elements to save bandwidth and minimise delays. There is also a customer-friendly wizard support for easy configuration of services and a new dashboard view for real-time display of core system data.

There is now full flexibility and efficiency by defining Quality of Service (QoS) parameters to guarantee enough bandwidth for mission-critical traffic. Support of real-time applications, such as Voice over IP communications, is also provided even if there are simultaneous downloads of large amounts of data.

Other new features in Version 7 include SSL VPN Gateway, Instant Messaging & Peer-to-Peer Management, End-user self servicing capabilities, OSPF routing, a transparent FTP proxy, and more.

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