Astaro released Astaro Command Center V1.3

By | October 4, 2006

Astaro has released Astaro Command Center V1.3, a new version of its centralised management application for Astaro Security Gateway UTM appliances. Version 1.3 of the central management application, aimed at large enterprises and service providers, integrates improved role-based multi-administrator support, enhanced real-time monitoring of high availability bundles and also provides a centralised update server for all Astaro appliances within a global network.

Astaro Command Center allows the centralised and efficient management of many challenging and time-consuming tasks, such as defining security policies, configuring applications, monitoring actual device states and maintaining device software and pattern updates. The intuitive web-based user interface provides an effective overview of each device№s health status, allowing administrators to efficiently see which gateways require immediate action.

Astaro Command Center V1.3 integrates the following enhancements:

With the enhanced fine-grained access control for role-based multi-administrator systems, different administrator roles can be defined (for monitoring, maintenance and configuration purposes) for each device or device groups. In addition, permission can be automatically granted for newly confirmed devices through pre-defined rules.

Real-time monitoring of High Availability bundles provides the respective status information for both the master and slave components within a High Availability (HA) bundle. For instance, the name, version and last contact status for all devices will now be shown in various views, providing up-to-date information about critical component states requiring immediate action.

Additional features integrated in ACC V1.3 include a new dashboard list-view, backup and restore capabilities for ACC data as well as support of up to 500 devices per Astaro Command Center server. Astaro Command Center is shipped as a software appliance (i.e. a bootable ISO image including the operating system with all applications) capable of being installed on all dedicated Intel-compatible PCs.

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