Astaro announces Astaro Secure Client 8.3

By | August 11, 2006

Astaro Corporation has announced the release of Astaro Secure Client version 8.3, integrating such advanced capabilities to its virtual private network (VPN) client as VoIP traffic management and enhanced security for WLAN environments.

Astaro Secure Client facilitates secure email and network communication between mobile employees with their respective headquarters. Advanced mechanisms have been incorporated to maintain the secure transmission of voice data via IPSec VPNs. Furthermore, integrated bandwidth management and traffic shaping guarantee a highly respectable level of voice quality (Quality of Service) for Voice over IP (VoIP) traffic.

Astaro Secure Client V8.3, which enables an effortless setup of VPN connections within wireless networks, provides an integrated Wireless LAN (WLAN) configuration tool. This tool enables direct control and configuration of the WLAN card without the need to install additional management software from the card vendor. For hotspots, mobile users can be authenticated via automatic, script-driven logons, which increases security when connecting to the corporate network from public access points. This function perfectly integrates with the “Friendly Net Detection” feature, which enables the client to dynamically apply a suitable firewall policy, depending upon the detected communication environment.

The inclusion of automatic media detection denotes that the utilised connection no longer needs to be manually defined as it will be automatically selected, depending upon the transmission media available. Additionally, the Client is now able to use freely selectable VPN ports. This allows for the establishment of IPSec tunnels, even through firewalls where the standard IPSec ports have not been opened.

Astaro Secure Client is fully compatible with the VPN gateways in Astaro Security Gateway software and appliances, as well as a wide variety of other VPN products, and will run on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows ME. Licenses start at Ј62 per client.

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