Arcontia Secure Compact Flash Reader

By | March 3, 2006

Arcontia, has announced the launch of a new compact flash reader, which providers state-of-the art security features needed for advanced contact-less smart card payment. The reader comes with Compact Flash interface and two SAM connectors for high security applications as used in payment and public transportation.

The reader has an ability to use 424 kbit/s air interface, which in practice reduces the communication time with 30% compared to standard 106 kbit/s. The reader is also certified for a rough environment regarding a wide temperature range, vibration, humidity and electrical safety. These are key issues, when speaking of mobile use in public transportation.

The typical application of the new reader is focused on e-payment and identification for mobile use. This includes integration in handheld computers and PDA’s for public transportation and e-ticketing, but also in areas as traceability in logistics and supply chain management.

The first couple of hundred units have already been rolled out to Fara A/S in Norway to be used as mobile sales and validation units within their concept of electronic fare collection. In total, 210 readers are to be integrated in the handheld computer Psion Workabout PRO from Psion Teklogix.

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