AppSecInc extends AppRadar to support Oracle on Linux

By | October 24, 2006

Application Security has announced Oracle on Linux support in AppRadar – the comprehensive database activity monitoring and security auditing solution. AppSecInc made the announcement in conjunction with Oracle OpenWorld, taking place this week at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

AppRadar is unique in the breadth of its real-time monitoring coverage, support for both host- and network-based deployment models, and the context it provides to optimize security and compliance efforts. While monitoring millions of events as they happen, AppRadar protects databases against internal and external attacks, alerting on abuse or misuse without degrading database performance.

As a result of its context-driven approach to database activity monitoring, AppRadar provides far more than just generic logging, auditing, or reporting facilities, but rather helps organizations cut through the clutter of meaningless alerts and focus on both the critical security issues and significant audit events that portend of a security breach or other compliance risk.

In contrast to stand-alone point solutions, AppRadar is part of AppSecInc´s complete database security suite, acknowledged as the only of its kind in the industry. This suite uniquely allows organizations to extend the vulnerability management methodology they use to secure their network and general-purpose hosts to include mission-critical databases. The company´s products work in concert to intelligently discover database applications; assess and prioritize the level of specific risk; shield the assets during remediation; and monitor and audit all activity in real-time thereby grounding security and compliance efforts where data lives.

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