Apple Security Not Yet Cause for Alarm

By | September 26, 2006

There´s a persistent perception that because Apple is moving to the Intel platform and now allows Macs to boot to Microsoft´s Windows, the potential for more security mischief rooted in Windows could raise a ruckus on the Mac. However, when you install Windows on a Mac via Boot Camp, all the viruses and Trojans you´d rather not encounter on Windows attack only Windows.

The latest round of Apple ads aimed at convincing consumers to drop their Windows PCs and join the millions of people happily using Macs kicked off this week.

Creative as usual, they show two actors standing next to each other, one a nerdy little accountant type in an ill-fitting business suit, the other a T-shirted twentysomething with an apparent aversion to razors. Each represents a computer. Guess which one is supposed to be the Mac.Read Full Story

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