Apple iPod shipping email leads to Trojan horse

By | August 29, 2006

SophosLabs has warned of a Trojan horse that has been spammed out claiming to be a notification that an Apple iPod MP3 player has been shipped to them, and their account has been charged almost $500.

Sophos has received reports of the Troj/Dowdec-A Trojan horse, which arrives in a message claiming to be related to the purchase of an Apple iPod. The emails claim that the popular music player is being shipped via FedEx and that a payment of $479.95 has been received from the recipient´s e-gold account.

Attached to the emails is a file called, which unpacks to OrderInfo.exe. Executing this file infects the user´s computer with a Trojan horse that attempts to download further malicious code from the internet. The Trojan horse only works on Windows computers, and cannot infect Apple Macs.

Sophos recommends that companies protect their email gateways with a consolidated solution to defend against viruses, spyware and spam, as well as apply an email policy that filters unsolicited executable code at the gateway. Businesses should also secure their desktop and servers with automatically updated protection.

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