AppGate Wins Contract for the World’s Largest Internal Access Gateway

By | October 12, 2006

AppGate Network Security, a leading provider of network security solutions, has today announced that it has been awarded a contract to deliver three A10 Security Servers to a customer within the defence sector. The A10 Security Server, based on Sun Microsystems Sun Fire T2000 server, the flagship of the AppGate product range, is the world’s largest network access gateway, able to support 10,000 concurrent users.

As a result of AppGate’s unique approach, the Security Server is able not only to support very large numbers of concurrent users on a single appliance, but also to protect itself. It can be used instead of internal firewalls and supports VLAN technology to protect assets on the network. For large organisations, this means that the A10 provides the ideal choice, delivering powerful network security functionality in one easy to manage solution.

According to AppGate’s CEO, Gцran Marby, “With the AppGate solution it is possible to build internal trusted zones to protect applications and servers, and to control network admission so that users are granted access to resources on a needs-only basis. These A10 servers will ensure our customer has a totally controlled network where all internal access is managed from one place, in line with AppGate’s Single-Point-Of-Power concept.”

The AppGate Security Server was originally designed to deliver the levels of network security that would meet the specifications of defence and government organisations, and AppGate is now an established supplier to many customers in that sector.

The A10 Security Server, which was launched in March 2006, incorporates all the award winning features of the AppGate solution including: Information access on a need-to-know basis; Client Check and Client Command for network admission control; Policy enforcement; Single-Sign-On; Support for all application protocols including VoIP; Extensive logging.

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