AppGate Mobile VPN supports Sony Ericsson P990/M600 and UIQ 3 mobile platform

By | November 7, 2006

AppGate Network Security has developed a new standard client for the UIQ 3 mobile platform, providing Mobile VPN support for all phones based on this platform including the Sony Ericsson P990, M600i and more.

AppGate provides a true Mobile solution that enables users of mobile devices such as mobile phones to securely access all resources inside an enterprises internal network, not only email. The ability to access the Intranet, synchronise calendars and download attachments in a secure way are among the features in the solution.

According to AppGates CEO Goran Marby, “Organisations are increasingly recognising that mobile phones have moved on from just being able to access push emails. As a result there is growing demand for the ability to integrate access through mobile phones into the IT infrastructure in a secure way. The AppGate Mobile VPN client enables businesses to treat smartphones such as the Sony Ericsson P990i in the same way as a PC or laptop, with the same rules of access applied to all devices.”

The AppGate system makes it possible to integrate all types of access: mobile, PC, PDA in one single solution without having to accept reduced security or functionality. The user will get exactly the access they need when they need it no more and no less. One user might be restricted to downloading e-mail and synchronizing their calendar to their mobile phone, while another who is running the required AV software on their mobile device might have access to SAP and their CRM system as well.

AppGate now supports all the leading Mobile Operating Systems, Nokia Series 60 3d edition, Windows Mobile 5 and UIQ 3. This makes it possible for users to choose any smartphone suitable for their needs and still have the ability to secure all communications.

The product will be available for commercial use in the middle of December 2006. Mobile clients are available free of charge to existing customers.

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