AppGate adds SSL to its Secure Access Platform

By | November 14, 2006

With the new version 8, AppGate adds SSL support to its Secure Access Platform in combination with the existing SSH support. In a unique combination, AppGate’s next version of the Secure Access Platform can now support two complementary security protocols in one solution.

SSL is a perfect solution for secure web access and SSH complements this with support for all other types of protocols. SSH is and has been used for a long time as a real alternative to IPSec on the Network Layer for universal protocol support.

The combination of two protocols in one solution makes it easy for systems administrators to set up services and also fulfill the needs of all users without having to use different point products. SSL support means that users can access web services securely using a web browser only, i.e. without downloading any software at all to their computers. This is particularly useful when accessing services from remote computers located, for example, at Internet cafйs and airports.

Gцran Marby, CEO of AppGate said: “From now on, security products have to behave differently. With AppGate’s high-level of feature integration, it is now possible to address these issues and to increase security at the same time. AppGate protects application servers, protects end-points and provisions secure access, without having to rebuild the network infrastructure every time the organisation changes.”

The new SSL module also supports the recently released Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.

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