apertio secures $30 million investment

By | February 6, 2006

Apertio, the leading independent provider of subscriber-centric networks, today announces a $30 million Series B funding round with existing investors: Add Partners, DVC Deutsche Venture Capital, Eden Ventures, Motorola Ventures and The Tokarz Group. T-Mobile Venture Fund, managed by T-Venture, the venture arm of Deutsche Telekom, also joins the round after the adoption of the Apertio One-NDS (Network Directory Server) by T-Mobile.

This investment, secured late last year, represents one of the largest funding deals of 2005 in the European technology sector. It delivers the catalyst for Apertio to fulfil the strong global demand for its unique Apertio One network infrastructure software, and provides a clear path to a full Initial Public Offering.

Apertio offers a unique alternative to the high cost and complexity inherent in telecoms´ core network infrastructure, delivering proven reductions in capital and operational cost by as much as 50 percent, increasing revenue potential by slashing new service roll-out time from 12 months to 12 weeks, and building the foundation for convergence into fixed and mobile networks today.

Apertio One delivers an open architecture and portfolio of mobility applications including the One-NDS (Network Directory Server), One-PPS (Prepaid Server), One-HLR (Home Subscriber Server) and One-HSS (Home Subscriber Server) that unify and liberate subscriber data to create the market’s most flexible and resilient subscriber-centric network.

“Apertio has had a tremendously successful 2005, more than doubling revenue, and securing over 10 new operator customers,” said Paul Magelli, CEO at Apertio. “This investment round is proof of the clear market demand for our Apertio One portfolio, and a reflection of our investors faith in our continued rapid growth. I am particularly pleased to welcome T-Mobile Venture Fund as a new investment partner, following our success with T-Mobile in Europe.”

Apertio customers already number among the largest and fastest growing telecommunications operators in the world, and include: T-Mobile, Orange, True Corporation and AIS.

Axel Kolb, Managing Director of T-Venture, said: “Our entry in this financing round is a direct result of the successful adoption of the Apertio One-NDS by T-Mobile in 2005. This proved beyond doubt the significant business benefits of deploying an open, fully interoperable, software architecture at the heart of the core network. Based on Apertio’s growing customer base and unique product portfolio we believe the success of our investment is assured.”

With a total addressable market in excess of $2 billion, the opportunities are significant, and today’s announcement provides the catalyst for Apertio to realise its potential as the recognised leader in open software-based core network architecture and applications.

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