Apertio One-NDS (Network Directory Server) selected by T-Mobile to Simplify Core Network

By | February 13, 2006

Apertio, the leading independent provider of subscriber-centric networks, today announces T-Mobile has selected its Apertio One-NDS, (Network Directory Server), for deployment at the heart of the operator’s networks in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic – supporting 37 million subscribers.

Apertio One-NDS will be deployed by T-Mobile in its core network to create a single repository for all subscriber information and service profiles. Apertio One-NDS will support the creation of one of the industry’s most scalable, reliable and comprehensive core network solutions – securing the operator against current and next generation service requirements.

Following a comprehensive 24 month tender process requiring the development of a Proof-of-Concept, full interoperability testing, and including more than ten competing infrastructure vendors, the Apertio One-NDS was selected.

“This announcement is the culmination of a five year vision within T-Mobile Germany to simplify our core network by re-engineering it on the concept of a single independent directory with the performance to deliver real-time access to subscriber information,” said Joachim Horn, CTO of T-Mobile Germany. “With our legacy infrastructure approaching its end of life, and a desire to increase our competitive advantage in the market, the need to deliver an open, scalable environment, placing us fully in control of our subscriber data was clear.”

The ability to guarantee real-time access to subscriber data is becoming ever more important with multiple access points and devices offered by the IMS and next generation IP environments.

By deploying the Apertio solution, liberating and centralising valuable user data from multiple and complex network elements, T-Mobile will benefit from: real time access to subscriber information; dramatically reduced network complexity; reduced capital and operational cost; and increased revenue opportunities through the rapid deployment of new services.

“The complexity and cost of conventional core network infrastructure is directly at odds with the goals of today’s service providers – namely the need to achieve strategic cost reduction targets, gain competitive advantage, increase AMPU and reduce churn,” said Paul Magelli, CEO of Apertio. “By deploying the One-NDS, T-Mobile will create a simplified, IT standards based architecture, eliminating the requirement to add additional proprietary hardware to its infrastructure portfolio, and liberating subscriber data to enable the operator to significantly reduce cost and service time to market.”

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