Apere Identity Management, Access Control Security Appliance

By | December 24, 2006

Apere Inc. has introduced IMAG, the first Identity Managed Access Gateway to integrate Identity Management and Information Access technologies in a single security appliance. The seamless integration of these two critical technologies provides a revolutionary security appliance designed to help IT management improve productivity by reducing the cost and complexity of an identity management deployment, while enhancing network security to meet dynamic regulatory and compliance requirements.

As a result of innovative connector technology, auto discovery capabilities and patent pending access control mechanism, Apere´s IMAG eliminates the traditional policy management IT burden with unique enterprise wide cleansing of identity access information as well as centralized provisioning of information and network access that protects sensitive corporate data and proprietary intellectual property at an affordable cost for the mid-tier enterprise.

IMAG is the first in a line of turnkey appliances developed by Apere designed to permit or deny access to the network and business critical applications based on auto-policies created from identity access information contained throughout the enterprise. This identity access information exists within disparate identity stores, where each store can be connected to a different application, business division or department. The rising number of mergers and acquisitions have made this issue even more complex because two or more completely separate networks need to be integrated as well. With each network containing its own set of disparate identity stores, combined with the growing pressures of regulatory compliance and network security, the challenge of integrating all identity information into one single universal reference is becoming an increasingly complex, yet critical issue to solve.

IMAG´s unique integration capabilities are enabled by the IMAG Connector Factory, a subscription service that builds native connectors to the majority of applications within the enterprise that use common identity and authentication resources such as Microsoft´s Active Directory as well as LDAP, Samba, RADIUS and common database formats. By monitoring identity interactions with IT assets, the IMAG Connector Factory is able to learn the sequence of interactions necessary to integrate with the identity and authentication capabilities of various access targets. This gives the IMAG high extensibility for its identity capabilities, significantly lowering bars to integration and eliminating the need for modifications to IT resources. Connectors are available specifically for integration with leading healthcare, financial, and enterprise resource management assets.

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