Anti-Spyware Group Publishes Protection Guide

By | October 27, 2005

The coalition of anti-spyware vendors published on Thursday spyware protection guidelines to help consumers protect themselves against various malicious programs. The alliance has also updated the definitions of spyware and adware programs.

Researches show that nearly half of Internet users have been infected by spyware, adware or both. Further more, user quit visiting suspicious web sites and stopped using various programs that might encompass spyware component.

The release of Spyware Protection Guidelines in hope should help online users to combat spyware and have more control over their machine. The guidelines assign risk levels to various practices common with spyware and adware.

“Although all behaviors can be problematic if unauthorized, certain ones tend to have a greater impact and are treated with more severity than others,” stated in the guidelines.

The coalition has also update the definition of spyware, reflecting nearly 400 comments received from the public. Terms changed little from the draft issued in July.

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