Announcing Agnitum Outpost Network Security 2.0: Tailor-Made Security for Small Businesses

By | March 21, 2006

Agnitum Ltd, the leading European provider of software firewalls, today announced the availability of Outpost Network Security (ONS) 2.0, the successor to the company’s original small business firewall, Outpost Office Firewall 1.0.

Developed from the award-winning single-user Outpost Firewall Pro, ONS 2.0 protects against spyware, network intrusions, and theft of confidential data. Multilayered firewall protection incorporates powerful packet- and application- based filtering, stealth technology, baseline intrusion protection, mail attachment quarantine, privacy protection, and enhanced usability, ONS delivers effective, manageable security for small businesses and branch offices with limited information security resources.

“Our customers asked us to deliver managed spyware protection as a part of our network security offering. Fulfilling customer requirements is at the core of our mission, so we naturally moved ahead with a combined client firewall and proactive spyware protection solution”, said Mikhail Penkovsky, Agnitum´s Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We are delighted to be able to deliver on this request with a product we believe will significantly ease security concerns for smaller organizations”.

About Outpost Network Security

Outpost Network Security provides small and medium-sized businesses and branch offices with a centrally-managed firewall and anti-spyware solution. Implementing both proactive and reactive security layers, ONS 2.0 provides robust endpoint protection against spyware, network intrusion, hacker probes, privacy violations and data leaks.

New functionality in Outpost Network Security 2.0

-Network anti-spyware protection

ONS 2.0 incorporates a powerful anti-spyware module that combines proactive monitoring and an on-demand scanner to protect network endpoints. Any spyware that gets onto a client – for example, a salesperson’s laptop – is effectively contained. It is prevented from phoning home confidential data when the laptop reconnects to the network and from hopping across network connections to infect other clients. Proactive spyware monitoring protects electronic assets and reduces helpdesk calls, making a positive contribution to the bottom line. Preventing spyware also minimizes the number of popup ads and other productivity-sapping distractions.

-Targeted information protection

ONS 2.0 enables users to identify blocks of text or character strings such as passwords, confidential financial information, or employee identification information and ringfence that information so it can never be sent over the network connection – either internally or over the Internet.

-Central controls

In small organizations, employees frequently have varying degrees of computing experience and workgroups are assigned varying security policies. Control over client security is close to impossible without a centrally-managed approach. Outpost Network Security 2.0 provides administrators with centralized deployment, management and updating of endpoint protection remotely from a single console.

-Flexible configuration for different user groups

The addition of group support gives administrators extra flexibility in managing endpoint security by assigning specific configurations to discrete user groups, enabling administrators to designate customized network access policies for specific groups depending on risk and exposure levels – for example, sales laptops will likely require more stringent protection than accounting desktops.

-An even tougher firewall

Outpost Firewall Pro has long been the technology to beat in the consumer software firewall market. At the heart of ONS 2.0 is the Outpost Firewall Pro 3.5 firewall engine, empowering ONS to deliver reliable, high performance, easy-to-use protection against known and unknown network attacks, spoofing, and network-level disruption.

Pricing and availability

Pricing for ONS 2.0 remains unchanged from that of Outpost Office Firewall, starting at $35 per user for the first year including all updates and upgrades. The product is available from March 21, 2006 through authorized Agnitum resellers and direct from the Agnitum website at Registered users of Outpost Office Firewall with a current subscription can upgrade to ONS 2.0 at no charge.

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