AMUST Software Released 1-Defender

By | April 12, 2006

AMUST Software has announced the release of AMUST 1-Defender 2.0, a free security utility that offers the first line of defense against malicious web sites and rogue emails which target user computers with spyware, keyloggers, rootkits, viruses and other malware.

AMUST 1-Defender 2.0 is an evolution of AMUST eCondom for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Due to numerous user feedbacks, who liked the product but hesitated about the name, especially in the enterprise environment, the name of the product was changed. Version 2.0 extends the functionality to support Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Messenger. In addition it offers some user interface improvements.

1-Defender reduces and eliminates the risks by allowing users to work with Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook and Windows Messenger in SafeInternet mode. SafeInternet Mode protects user PC from malicious software by employing Least Privileged User Account (LUA) that does not reduce Windows usability and flexibility, and does not downgrade users’ Internet experience while making Internet experience safer and much more secure.

“Most Windows XP users employ all powerful Admin account for everyday use, and most of them are not even aware about this fact. Any malicious code running under Admin account also becomes all powerful, and can track user behavior, steal personal information or even take over a computer.” said Ratmir Timashev, AMUST Software president and CEO. “Using 1-Defender will dramatically reduce and eliminate the risks from malware because it limits Internet Explorer and Outlook with “User” privileges without reducing user experience”.

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