AMD Taps Chartered for Outsourced Manufacturing

By | November 9, 2004

Advanced Micro Devices has announced it will be outsourcing its chip manufacturing to Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing.

The world’s second largest personal computer microchip manufacturer, well known for its Athlon and Opteron line of products, is turning to Chatered for additional manufacturing capacity. Chartered is set to produce AMD’s line of 64-bit chips.

Chartered´s production timeframe suggests its output is likely to focus on 65nm products, almost certainly multi-core parts. Taking on board AMD´s process technology and its products will involve no small investment on the foundry´s part, suggesting that AMD sees it as a major production centre.

In turn, that indicates the processor maker is anticipating significant growth in demand for its chips – demand that it may not be able to satisfy alone.

AMD is also on track to open its own manufacturing plant in Dresden, known as FAB 36. “Our plans for AMD Fab 36, which is currently under construction, remain unchanged,” said Gary Heerssen, senior VP of AMD´s Corporate Manufacturing Group, in a statement. “We intend it to be our benchmark facility for the manufacture of AMD64 products.”

“AMD has…the best technology, and now with this relationship, the incremental capacity to fulfill our planned volume demands,” Dirk Meyer, executive vice president of AMD´s Computation Products Group, said in a statement. “We believe that all of our customers around the globe will benefit from this relationship.”

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