Akibia Expands Vulnerability Assessment Services

By | March 21, 2006

Akibia, a leading independent IT services provider, today announced four vulnerability assessment solutions designed to provide Fortune 1000 companies greater security assurance. The new services include Regulatory Gap Analysis, Payment Card Industry Data Security Assessments, Product Security Assessments and Wireless Security Assessments. These solutions help organizations understand, evaluate and prioritize threats and vulnerabilities, and then implement tools for better security.

Internal and external threats to a corporation´s information, data and network security have never been higher. Companies are increasingly opening up new forms of access to corporate information– through the Web and wireless technologies– to create more efficient work environments. In addition, regulatory compliance guidelines are becoming more stringent to better protect customer and personal data. Organizations must also assess policies and procedures guiding how employees, customers and partners interact with the network. With constantly changing systems and processes, new vulnerabilities emerge, making awareness and management of them an on-going process.

In the March 2005 report, “How to Develop an Effective Vulnerability Management Process,” Gartner analyst Mark Nicolett states, “IT security organizations should implement a vulnerability management process that includes a vulnerability assessment and security configuration baseline. Mitigation activity should be prioritized based on the severity of the vulnerability, the current threat environment and the business use of the vulnerable asset.”

Akibia has over nine years experience providing vulnerability assessment solutions that enable organizations to identify and address threats at a number of key points within the organization. The company provides expert consultation and deploys best practices to enable customers to prioritize, manage and monitor new threat opportunities. Akibia ensures companies react quickly to the most severe threats, while putting processes in place to mitigate lesser threats. The new services include:

— Regulatory Gap Analysis – Provides a thorough assessment of an organization´s current security posture in relation to pertinent regulatory security standards such as SOX, GLBA, and HIPAA. Akibia has designed the assessment to detect and verify security vulnerabilities, identify weaknesses in security countermeasures, and detail best practice recommendations that will help align an organization´s IT practices with regulatory requirements.

— Payment Card Industry Data Security Assessments – Akibia has been qualified to deliver Payment Card Industry On-site Assessments, which were developed to meet the exacting requirements defined by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI). This further enhances Akibia´s PCI services that also include approved vendor status to perform quarterly network security scans. Akibia´s PCI services are performed by experienced, certified security specialists, who work with our clients to ensure they understand their risk exposure and effective mitigation measures and strategies so that they can be successful in complying with the PCI security standards.

— Product Security Assessment – Includes a structured security analysis of a firm´s commercially available products to evaluate its security stance. Whether the product is an appliance, software, or a complex integrated solution, Akibia´s Product Security Assessment uses advanced discovery techniques and a proven methodology to uncover security vulnerabilities and variances from best practices. Once the assessment is completed, Akibia works with its clients to implement innovative security solutions that can ultimately reduce product support costs.

— Wireless Security Assessment – Identifies the risks and vulnerabilities associated with a wireless network infrastructure. By analyzing an organization´s wireless business requirements and examining its network architecture, configurations, and standards, Akibia discovers vulnerabilities that would enable unauthorized users to gain access to privileged networks or resources.

“A secure business environment is critical to a company´s success. Security breaches can result in steep regulatory fines, loss of customers and worse,” said Tom Willson, CEO of Akibia. “Our expanded vulnerability assessment solutions help our customers stay ahead of attacks, reduce opportunities for new threats and also meet compliance guidelines and ensure a more secure network infrastructure.”

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