AirTight SpectraGuard Covers 802.11n Access Points

By | May 22, 2006

AirTight has announced that SpectraGuard Enterprise will detect and correctly identify pre-standard 802.11n APs, which create a potential wireless security risk. APs supporting non-standard transmission modes are a potential security threat because an attack launched using a non-standard transmission mode may go undetected by some wireless IDS/IPS systems.

SpectraGuard Enterprise will detect and identify pre-standard 802.11n APs from a variety of manufacturers – that implement a variety of pre-standard “accelerated” transmission techniques. These APs are based on chipsets from a variety of manufacturers such as Airgo, Atheros, and Broadcom. Once identified, SpectraGuard Enterprise will then alert the administrator to their presence, locate these devices, and prevent authorized enterprise users from communicating with them.

AirTight SpectraGuard helps the enterprise secure itself from rogue APs that other WIDS (wireless intrusion detection systems) or WIPS (wireless intrusion prevention systems) solutions simply do not detect. The key benefit is securing the enterprise from data loss that can cost it millions of dollars – whether that is company data, customer data, or financial information.

This capability to detect pre-standard 802.11n APs is available to customers now. Pricing for SpectraGuard Enterprise starts at $7500. A SpectraGuard Enterprise solution – to protect and manage an enterprise´s wireless network can be installed for under $2 per user per month – a cost that would be quickly re-paid in wireless network performance and savings.

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