AirTight Networks announced first Wi-Fi Firewall

By | December 1, 2004

AirTight Networks, formerly Wibhu Technologies, announced on Tuesday the availability of SpectraGuard 2.0, the first Wi-Fi firewall to protect enterprise networks from wireless security threats.

Core features of SpectraGuard include: threat classification, intrusion prevention, detection of rogue and misconfigured access points.

“AirTight´s goal is to enable enterprises to deploy WLANs that are as secure and reliable as their wireline counterparts,” said David C. King, AirTight Networks´ CEO. “With SpectraGuard, CIOs and CSOs gain control of their “enterprise air” and know that only authorized Wi-Fi users are connected to the trusted enterprise network.”

Apart from identifying security threats, AirTight is the first company to integrate RF planning module into its solution. Using “RF perimeter”, the enterprise is able to determine correct placements of sensors, eliminate dead spots and achieve the degree of Wi-Fi protection desired.

“AirTight´s RF mapping software provides companies with the ability to understand manage and protect the true “RF perimeter” of their wireless network, and SpectraGuard´s auto-classification eliminates the false positive and false negative problem traditionally associated with Wi-Fi protection. The ability to deliver these benefits is a huge step forward in protecting networks against the rapidly increasing number wireless security threats,” said Howard Schmidt, former White House cybersecurity advisor.

AirTight’s technology is the first to accurately and reliably detect and protect against Wireless security threats.

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