airespace works to bring network access protection technology from microsoft to wireless enterprise

By | December 13, 2004

Company Joins Program Aimed at Enhancing Corporate Network Security through Better Client Visibility and Policy Control

San Jose, California, December 13, 2004—Airespace, Inc.®, the leader in intelligent WLAN systems, announced today that it is working with Microsoft´s Network Access Protection technologies to further enterprise wireless security. With Network Access Protection, network administrators can easily enforce enterprise-wide policies that control how and when users access a corporate network. By integrating this capability into Airespace´s award-winning WLAN system, enterprises will have a complete solution for wireless protection, covering everything from authentication and encryption to client integrity checking and application-based network control.

“Security remains a top priority of enterprises deploying wireless,” said Steve Anderson, a Director in the Windows Server Group at Microsoft. “As network security starts and ends with user access, Network Access Protection is intrinsic to overall network protection. By working with leading WLAN infrastructure vendors, such as Airespace, we are driving to ensure that Network Access Protection is tightly integrated with other key components to enable end-to-end wireless security.”

Taking Enterprise Security to the Edge

Network Access Protection is a policy enforcement technology that will be built into the Microsoft Windows operating system (code named “longhorn”). It allows Information Technology (IT) professionals to set policy (for example, operating system and antivirus update policy) that restricts clients from accessing a network until the clients can prove policy compliance. Network Access Protection technology will deliver a uniform method for detecting the “health state” of a client attempting to connect to a network, restricting the access until compliance to policy is validated and updating the client to current security policy levels.

Network Access Protection technologies allow IT professionals to monitor and control network access based on validation of a computer´s compliance to pre-established policies. Network access policies are defined and managed by network administrators and managed by a central “policy coordination server.”

The Leader in WLAN Security

Network Access Protection is a perfect compliment to Airespace´s renowned Wireless Protection System (WPS), a complete solution for the protection of enterprise wireless networks. Airespace has set the standard for WLAN security by offering the following unique capabilities:

The only WLAN System that provides real-time monitoring for security threats in conjunction with simultaneous traffic delivery – no separate air monitors or overlay equipment are required. This enables enterprises to keep hardware costs to a minimum while ensuring 100% network coverage – i.e. avoiding “hidden nodes” that cannot be detected by overlay devices that are responsible for protecting multiple APs simultaneously.

The only WLAN system with integrated, 24×7 wireless intrusion protection. This includes a complete set of customizable wireless attack signatures to rapidly detect and contain common wireless threats, such as FAKE AP, Man in the Middle (MiM), Netstumbler, and more. These signatures can be modified and updated in real-time (no system reboots), ensuring round the clock WLAN protection.

Complete rogue security, covering everything from rogue AP (and ad-hoc) detection, accurate device location, containment of numerous devices simultaneously, and detailed trend reporting.

Support for the recently ratified 802.11i standard specification, including Proactive Key Caching, a protocol extension that improves the roaming, scalability and performance of 802.11i.

Granular location tracking software, which enables IT staff to pinpoint the exact location of a WLAN attack.

The only next generation WLAN system to complete FIPS 140-2 level 2 certification, a security requirement for deployment in U.S. and Canadian government installations.

“Airespace has a long track record working with Microsoft to demonstrate the full potential of wireless in the enterprise, including such initiatives as the Network Access Protection program, Microsoft Partner Solutions Center and the Microsoft CEO Summit,” said Pat Calhoun, CTO and co-founder of Airespace. “Given the role that wireless networking plays in the enterprise, it is great to be working with the leader in application software to bring real solutions to market.”

About Airespace, Inc.

Airespace designs and develops intelligent wireless networking platforms that support business-critical applications. The company has set the standard for enterprise Wireless LANs, having earned several CMP LLC´s “Best of Networld+Interop” awards, Network Computing´s “Editor´s Choice Award” and “Most Outstanding Product of the Year,” Network World´s “World Class Award” and “Best of the Test Award,” IDG´s “Network Award,” Internet Telephony´s “Product of the Year,” eWeek´s “Annual Excellence Award,” VarBusiness Magazine´s “Technical Innovators Award,” and nomination as one of the “Best Wireless Products” in InfoWorld´s “Reader´s Choice” Awards. With dynamic RF management, air-tight security, seamless mobility, and support for real-time applications such as voice, Airespace helps enterprises implement secure and manageable wireless networks worldwide.

For more information on Airespace and its products, visit or call (+1) 408-635-2000.

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